fredag 24 augusti 2012

English Interview/Dialouge

English Homework Week 34

A: Hi! What's your name?
B: Arthur Holmer. What's yours?
A: My name's Sonja. Where are you from?
B: I am from Sweden. And what about you?
A: I was born in Sweden but my mother is from Germany. But why do you have this Scottish accent?
B: I lived in Scotland for five years, when I was growing up.
A: Okay. Where in Scotland did you live?
B: In Oban, no near Oban on the west coast, in Argyll.
A: Where do you live now?
B: I live in Lund during the weeks and in the country side during the weekend.
A: Ahm... Where is Lund?
B: Lund is a little city in the south of Sweden. It's mainly known because the head office of Tetra Pak is there. It's a nice little town.
A: Okay that sounds nice! Where do you work?
B: I work in the university in the department of linguistics.
A: Have you got any hobbies?
B: Well... I like working in the garden. Sometimes I play the fiddle or sing Basque folksongs.
A: What is Basque?
B: Basque is a language spoken in northern Spain and southern France.
A: Okay that sounds cool! Any other interesting facts about you?
B: Not really. What about yourself? What are your hobbies?
A: I like writing and reading. And I play the piano and sing in two choirs! Okay thank you for this interview!
B: You're welcome!

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