tisdag 4 december 2012

Barry was the best

Once upon a time there was a red cat, Barry. He lived with his parents and his sisters Olivia and Jeanne. They were happy to live together. 

One day, Olivia was in the garden to eat strawberries. The rest of the family stood inside and waited. But Olivia didn’t come. Jeanne went outside to look for her. Soon, Jeanne came back, crying. ”I can’t find her.” Barry gave her a hug and said: ”I will go and look if she is there somewhere. Don’t worry!” 

It was cold and Barry began to get afraid. ”Barry!” a voice called. Olivia! Barry ran to the place where the voice came from. It was there, where the roses were. ”I will help you, Olivia.” Her furr had got stuck in the thorns from the roses. 

When Barry and Olivia came inside again, Jeanne kissed Barry on the cheek. ”You’re really the best, Barry!”

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