tisdag 4 december 2012

From Samhain to Halloween

Questions to "From Samhain to Halloween"
  1. Where did the Celtic people live? 
  2. Why did they want to look like witches or ghosts on their way home from the bonfire?
  3. When did All souls-day use to be?
  4. In which form did dead relatives or friends often return, said the Celt's? 
  5. How did Halloween come to the USA? 
Answers to Lydias questions:

1. What was Halloween called before?
2. Why did people celebrate Halloween?
To scare away evil spirits. 
3.  How did "trick or treat" start from the beginning?
The young men went to all houses to ask for food or wood to the bonfire.
4. How did the spirits visit the people alive? How did they look?
They looked like black cats.
5. Why did Pope Gregory IV move Halloween to the date 2nd november?
He wanted people stop celebrating Samhain. 

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