fredag 18 januari 2013

The Empty School ... / First Day in School

Meg, her brother Martin and I were outside on the lunch break. Suddenly we realized it already was three o'clock and no one had rung the bell. Martin went inside to get his jacket and when he came back he had something terrible to tell: Nobody was in the school! We all walked to the school to look if Martin was right. We checked the class rooms, the staff room and the headmasters room. In the staff room there were cups, still filled with coffee. But no staff. It was like the adults had dissappeared from the school. We felt bad. The school was totally empty! I really wanted to leave the school, but Martin said we should check everything first. 

Red Hat: How do you think that Amy felt when Jim said that he didn't like her?
White Hat: What was the name of Jim's father? 
Yellow Hat: Why did Jim like Hannah Winter almost at once? 
Black Hat: Why do you think that Amy didn't like Mr. Barber?
Green Hat: What did the writer want to say with this text?

Hannah and Ernest like chewing gum! 

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