tisdag 5 februari 2013


Sugar and Spice – Jean Ure

Ruth Spicer hates school. The teacher always reads her homework out loud to the class. The other students don’t like her, they call her things like geek. But one day, there’s a new girl at school, Shay. She begins to talk to Ruth and she appreciates that Ruth actually does her homework, because no one else does it. She wants Ruth to go on, and not stop doing well in school. Ruth doesn’t want to do her homework because she thinks that the other students in the school might start to like her. But Shay gets angry at Ruth because she acts like that, and Ruth promises to do her best in school to show that she is a strong person who stands up for herself and who isn’t like the rest of the school: people without a brain.
Ruth only has one friend, Karina, and Shayanne tells Karina to go away. Ruth doesn’t know what to do, but she wants to be Shay’s friend, so she doesn’t say anything. 

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