måndag 25 februari 2013

Word Finder and Creative Connector

duvet - duntäcke 

superiour - överlägsen
mooching - gnälla
muggers - rånare
stubborn - envis
indignation - upprördhet
daft - dum
quarrelling - bråka
impressionable - lättpåverkad
sly - illmarig
polite - artig
chuck - slänga
pry - lirka
confounded racket - förbannat oljud
mortified - full av skam
moron - knäppskalle
solemnly - värdigt
foreign extraction - utländskt ursprung
escalator - rulltrappa
boasting - skryta
squawk - fågelljud, typ som en gås
beneath - under
nagging - tjata

The two sisters were quarrelling all day long.
I promised solemnly, I would never do it again.
She was boasting about her rich family.
My little brother is very impressionable, you can just promise him a hug and he does everything for you.
When I stood there, and the teacher were yelling at me, I just felt mortified. 
You little daughter is very polite.
The mother nagged at her son, because he didn't want to do his homework.
This is a confounded racket, make it stop!
She turned around and smiled superiour at me.
She is the most stubborn person I've ever met. 
I didn't want my mother to find me, so I did hide under my duvet.

Fill in the right word:
My daughter was ___________ at me, because she wanted to have an ice cream.
She never listens to our ideas to make it better, she is such a _________ person.
My best friend is from China. She has a _________  ____________.
He listened to very loud music and his mother shouted: "What a _____________ _________!"
We  _______________ very often. "I want the biggest piece of cake!" "No I want it!"
 He gave me a ___________ smile. (överlägsen)

When I read the part about when Shay "forces" Ruth to shoplift, I realised that this book is a description of reality. This whole book is about peer pressure. The only thing that is a bit different than peer pressure in reality is that Ruth dares to stand up for her self. Well, of course it also happens in real life that people don't agree with the choices that the leader makes. I was proud of Ruth in this part of the book. She did what Shay had taught her to do: to stand up for herself. Because I don't have been forced to steal or shoplift myself, but I know that it's happening everywhere I want to connect the whole book with pure reality.

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