tisdag 10 september 2013

Dear Diary...

Dear diary! 

Yesterday my grandparents came to visit us. They will stay with us for two weeks. Phillip and I recognized something weird about our grandpa. He also wets his bed! We found his diaper in the bathroom this morning. Phillip is really scared now, because he thinks he will never stop wetting his bed, even when he's an adult. 

Egg and I were on this thing called Get With It Group, a group that Egg's father Boof has invented. It was pretty boring, but Vickie was there. When she asked how it was going I did something stupid. Or it wasn't me, it were these idiotic hormones which had been creating a volcano in my head. I told her randomly things about my feelings right now. It was pretty confusing, I guess. But still, the only thing she said afterwards was: "Okay. Got that." She really must have thought I'm stupid or at least, now she does. 

I also cheated at the maths test. Actually I didn't want to, but the answers were in my shoe and I wanted to make mum proud. I think that she always wanted a girl and not two boys like Phillip and me. But when Blob grows up, there's still a chance that mom has some girl to talk about pashmina. I told mom and dad about the cheating. They said, that they were responsible for it, but no, they are not. Well, I got the opportunity to do the test again, and I did it, without cheating this time. 


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