onsdag 29 januari 2014

Creative Connector + Questions

White: What did gudji-gudji mean?
Red: How did she feel as she found out that Gift already was in love?
Black: How would you feel if that would have happened to you? What would you have done? 
Yellow: Why do you think that Gift invited the girl?
Green: Were the geckos important to the story?

Creative Connection

This was a new story, it's very uncommon that the love story ends 'unhappy'. I think, that's good, because it remembers me to reality. How many love stories we read, 100% have a happy ending [except Romeo and Juliet]. Unfortunately, the reality isn't that easy all the time. We don't always get the partner we want. 

The girl remembered me at all the other girl main characters in love stories, because they're always in love with some guy, and they can't stop thinking of the lucky one. I can relate to that, I have friends who also are like that. 

A thing that I can connect to my own life is when you're somewhere where you speak the native language, for example German. There is always someone who hears my brother or father and me speak Swedish, and starts to talk on English with us. When we answer in German they often get very surprised. 

Also, when something really different from what you excepted happens, you stop talking, you just stand there and try to realize what just happened. That happens in the text, when the girl finds out that her big crush already had a future wife. 

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