onsdag 21 maj 2014

English Essay

What would you say are the key themes of the film? Do you feel that the film really deals with the questions it raises? 

I think the key theme of The Island is danger. The people in the movie (at least the clones) are in great danger, because they’re only created to taking body parts from. But with this information that Doctor Merrick has (how to clone people), he really can put the whole world in danger. They talk a lot about danger in the movie, in the facility but also outside, when Lincoln and Jordan are exiting the building. They don’t know anything about the life outside the facility and that can be very dangerous. I also think that the movie describes some kind of comfort fear, that I think the clones have. When they’re caught in the building, they have a feeling of home and kindness, but because they don’t know very much and this feeling can get pretty scary. 

For what reasons do you think Doctor Merrick’s decided to start the facility? What do you think The Island is really saying about human cloning? Are you surprised by this in a Hollywood film? 

I think that Doctor Merrick starts the facility because he wants money. He probably thought, that he can make a lot of money with this new invention (cloning people). He knows that famous, rich people would do anything to live their perfect life longer. That’s why he uses the clones. The movie really explains what knowledge about human cloning could to individual people or to the population of a country. It can destroy everyone if clones really could think, love and do stuff. This would mean that they could start a whole new society of just clones. Hollywood movies are often about this theme; that an evil man (it’s unusual with evil women) wants to have money, so he uses his knowledge to create stunning new inventions. Often there are two main characters (man and woman), who finds out about what their leader is doing, and they want to stop it. They usually do fall in love with each other, too. I think that this movie was a typical Hollywood movie. 

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